Glossary of Awards

As the Fresh Future initiative grows we're looking forward to creating new partnerships with creators, creative services and platforms to find new ways to celebrate and support creativity. Here's how we're getting along.

We built Fresh Future to realize and nurture a new way to reward creativity. At it's core Fresh is a yearly awards showcase that recognises outstanding creativity with a traditional peer reviewing system. The outcome is a series of gold, silver and bronze award winners.

In addition we recognise six Best in Book awards each year. These are the entries that receive the highest score within the six genres of creativity we use within our Fabrik ecosystem. Those are art, fashion, motion & 3D, design, film and photography - which are further divided into a maximum of 30 separate categories. Our judges also recognise up to five entries in each category as carbon award winners.

Fresh also encourages new partnerships with organisations, institutions, communities and companies that reward and support creativity. We partner with like-minded founders and leaders that can mutually help us support creative individuals to find a voice and a platform for their work regardless of cultural, political and geographical borders or boundaries.

It is important to mention that our partners have access to the entire approved entries pool when they review work, and aren't limited to previously-winning entries. This allows us to highlight fresh entrants, new themes, and emerging ideas on an ongoing basis as the year progresses.

This post will be updated as we create new partnerships to act as a glossary of awards that approved entries can earn.


Fresh 18 Awards

gold silver bronze carbon

Each category recognises a single gold, silver and bronze award winner. At the discretion of the curator panel, up to five notable entries within each category are also rewarded with a carbon award.

Entries can score up to a total of 275 points. An entry needs to reach a score higher than 225 to be eligible for gold, 200 to be eligible for silver and 175 to be eligible for a bronze or carbon award.

Best in Book


Recognising the highest-scoring entry from each genre of the six Fresh creative category groups; art, film, photography, fashion, motion & 3D and design.

Curator Series


Our curators help the Frēsh team form insights into the ideas and concepts expressed across the entire catalogue of entries - not just the winners - in a series of free-form editorial articles. These entries have either been personally earmarked as Curator Picks, or have appeared in our Insight Review articles.

Artists Invite


In February 2018 we launched the Fresh 18 Call for Entries with a little help from Ello; the Creators Network. To engage Ello's powerful creative community we created an Artists Invite. We asked Ello's curator team to personally pick five entries to the Invite that would be recognised within Fresh 18 for their individual, original and unique creativity.


It wouldn't be possible to build Fresh without the resources and platforms we've already established, and new relationships we're nurturing as we develop the showcase.


New Partnerships

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