Against Isolationism & Escapism

Fabrik launches Fresh 18; a brand-new global initiative to discover and celebrate outstanding creative talent. Fabrik creatives and artists share their expectations on what will influence their work in 2018.

2017 can be viewed as a year in which worldviews turned inwards and the social mediastream started to overflow with confused, divisive opinions. Against a backdrop of destructive politics and saturated online spaces, Fabrik, the UK and Europe’s leading creative portfolio builder, has recognised the need for a new way of supporting and championing creative and artistic thought - and is launching Fresh 18, a brand-new global initiative to uncover incredible creative talent. 

Backed by over 100 of the world’s most innovative creators, this free-to-enter competition will look to discover and celebrate the next wave of creative heroes.

With eyes locked on the year ahead, Fabrik has also turned to the community of creatives and artists using its platform to predict the upcoming uncertainties and opportunities of the next 12 months.


Tim Jarvis, CEO of Fabrik and award-winning creative director, said: "We’re always learning from the talented individuals who use our platform. It’s incredibly important to cultivate an outlet for creativity and Fresh 18 is aimed at empowering aspiring creatives to share their work with a supportive global community - regardless of where they live, where they work, or what they’re creating."

Film directors, cinematographers, editors, photographers and artists from within  Fabrik’s community were keen to share their expectations for 2018.


Unsurprisingly, Brexit is a common concern for the creative community. Filmmaker, Maciek Kaliski, said: "being a European citizen, living in the UK, it's having a huge impact on me and my family”. However, despite “the uncertainty [and] the miscommunication", there is an opportunity to use Brexit as creative fuel, with Maciek adding that "[he’d] like to portray some of that in [his] work throughout the next twelve months."  

It is yet to be seen how the ultimate impact of Brexit on sterling will affect the demand for creative work in the UK but until then, the uncertainty may well prove both a challenge and an inspiration to creatives. "I think creative people will work on the idea of UNITY and LOVE, because that is what we need." Film Director, Franz Galo.


A number of artists have commented on the rise of VR technology and this is expected to continue in 2018. As modern day life continues to move into an online space, perhaps it is only natural that artificial reality will capture creative minds.

On the contrary, as well as encouraging escapism, improvements in technology are also aiding mobility and real-world exploration. Editorial photographer Chris Brock, is "going as portable as possible this year", adding "I’m going to do as much on my phone as I can, keep my lighting kit small, and travel light for world domination".


The way in which we share our creativity and approach target audiences is constantly developing. Filmmaker and photographer, Álvaro de la Herrán, believes that the relationship between art and consumerism is going to be a key trend in the year ahead, claiming that “simplicity and less consumption is the key for future".

The torrent of content on traditional social media is beginning to hinder young creatives where it once provided assistance. It is with this in mind that Fabrik has launched Fresh Future to help talented young creatives connect with a global audience.

Fresh 18

Fresh Future is an ambitious project but the message is simple; to level the playing field. Creativity has no boundaries, no borders and no gender. Fresh 18 is a new start.

Free to enter and open to everyone contributing to the creative industries. Entry opens to the public on Monday 8th January 2018 and closes on Friday 16th February 2018.

Fresh 18’s panel of judges are a hand-picked global assembly of more than 100 creative leaders and curators across the disciplines of film, photography, design and illustration, styling, and fine art including revered industry names such as Michael Cina, Jon Contino and Leif Podhajsky as well as rising talent with huge social media followings like Jack Ede.

Following shortlisting, a curator group will focus on, and discuss, the importance and merit of the entries, celebrating their creativity, illustrating their role in forecasting trends and highlighting their contribution to our culture.

Category finalists will be announced in spring 2018.

Speaking of the showcase, Tim Jarvis says: "We believe creative work should be awarded based on its capacity to inspire and energise the community and the cultures we’re all part of, and not based on client and agency budgets."

"Fresh 18 is a call to empower the visionaries, a believe that creativity aspires hope and an opportunity to shape the future."


This year will remain intact as a permanent record of outstanding creative work, with an invitation for Fresh 19 entries closing the year.